Bioinformatics Services

All our automated flow cytometry data analysis pipelines start with a thorough understanding of your data. From there we select the right tools and approaches to deliver customized analysis pipelines that will take your data through all the steps neccessary to deliver you the information you need to make the correct data-driven decisions. Our analysis is built on a foundation of tools developed in house (see below for the core technologies we have developed), but we also draw from over 50 algorithms currently available for high throughput flow cytometry data analysis. From there we can link into the tools you are already using, such as FlowJo to display the results and allow you to do further downstream editing and analysis in an interactive fashion.

Our Core Technologies and Expertise:

Big FCM data wrangling and QC

ToolPrimary Literature LinkUse
flowCorePMC2684747FCM data pipline
flowCleanPMID: 26990501Event level QC
plateCorePMC2777006Multiwell plate analysis
flowQBPMID: 28160404Instrument standardization
flowUtilsPMC4874733Gating standard support
FlowRepositoryRBioConductorAPI for flowRepository
FCS standardPMC2892967Used by every FCM instrument
MIFlowCytPMC2773297Data annotation
flowCutIn-houseEvent level QC
flowOutlierIn-houseCell population QC
flowGroupIn-houseBetween sample QC

Automated Cell Population Identification

ToolPrimary Literature LinkUse
flowClustPMC2684747First published robust clustering tool
flowBinPMC4426837Multi-tube clustering
flowMeansPMC3137288FlowCAP-I best performing approach based on speed and performance
flowMergePMC2798116Model-based gating
SamSPECTRALPMC2923634Spectral clustering
flowDensityPMC4325545Co-best supervised gating approach in FlowCAP-III

Biomarker identification and other postgating tools

ToolPrimary Literature LinkAbout
flowTypePMC3315712Full-D biomarker identification
FealectPMC3549810Feature selection for diagnosis (Perfect performance in FlowCAP-II)
RchyOptimyxPMC3998128Full-D biomarker visualization (1 of only 2 algorithms to have significant performance in FlowCAP-IV)
flowCLPMC4393520Semantic cell population labelling